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Project Brief

'' is a business resource and a brainchild of Lindsay Mann and Peter Bronstein based in Los Angeles, California. The platform allows all the business owners and the people testing new waters to ask questions and receive answers free of cost.

This platform portrays the idea of a community of businesses where people can connect with other business owners who have previously experienced similar issues as them and learn the pros and cons of the circumstances and avoid pitfalls.


  • A gallery is created featuring food photography.
  • A 'Catering' section is planned with information related to catering services with a 'Contact Us' button redirecting to the form on the Contact page.
  • A straightforward contact form is created with a drop-down enquiry category list on the 'Contact Us' page for the buyers to drop queries by inserting basic information like name, email, subject and message.
  • A location map along with social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are integrated into the website for buyers to connect with the bakery.
  • A ‘Subscribe’ button is added for the newsletter at the end of the pages where the users can simply enter their email and get the newsletters in their inbox.


  • An educational and foolproof platform is developed as a community of businesses matching the client’s outlook.
  • Enabled the business owners to register as users and expert applications and login is created to provide access to the users.
  • An 'ask' button is provided right on the top to allow people to shoot questions or search anything using the search option.
  • A Business Q &A section is designed where the users can discuss and obtain answers or view the previous discussions or comments.
  • ‘Ask BrienRadio’ is launched where the show host Brien Johnson addresses business questions and provides solutions for a thriving business.
  • An ‘Expert Match’ section where users can select a category to view the available experts and get helpful opinions, is built.
  • Presented a knowledge section where the business owners can traverse through the ebooks, blogs, videos, and webinars.
  • Basic web pages like About us, Mission Statement, Academic Programs, and Partnerships are added to the website along with Terms and conditions, press, and FAQs.
  • Appended social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter into the website.

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