Social Media Marketing

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to incorporating social media for your business marketing. Social media is an integral part of any business growth as it connects you with your customers, enhances brand awareness, and keeps them up- to-date with your business trends and more.

Benefits Of Discovery / Design First Approach

While architecture and coding is certainly important, design is what truly sets the tone for a digital product. Effective design enables users to understand.

Why Social Media?

Social Media is way over and above than just a passing fashion, and here are the reasons validating that incorporating it is a smart business move.

Build awareness

It’s simple logic- if people are not aware of your business, they can never be your customer. Social Media enriches your reach to potential customers and introduces your business to them.

Communicate authority

Customers are becoming smart in making investment decisions. They would first like to have an insight into your business by digital mediums, either via a website or social media page. You are to decide, what you want to present to them? A black storefront or a source of credible information to influence their decision towards your brand.

Show authenticity

A user is least interested in a brand which is exhibiting dry and formal style social media posts. They are more inclined towards brands that are shining hard every time they post about their business. They are more interested in knowing the real faces and intentions behind the brand and social media is a great way of communicating all of these to them.

Encourage engagement

Social platforms are constantly evolving and releasing new features thus always giving a reason to customers to engage with.

Provide support

Social media is turning to be another platform of interacting with the customers and resolving their queries as many users tend towards social media to find answers to their queries.

Grow affordably

Unlike other marketing campaigns, social media is way worth the money invested as it offers great value simply by investing a few dollars.


How it Works?

While architecture and coding is certainly important, design is what truly sets the tone for a digital product.


Use design tools

  • Invision

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe XD

  • Sketch App

  • Zepline

Successful design projects

Purple Car


Original Iree Island Bakery


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