Voice Assistant Development

For many of us, an ideal resource would be a smart assistant, who would listen to us and anticipate everything we require. That luxury is now accessible and the credit goes to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology’s product widely known as a Voice Assistant.


Google Actions Development

Google Home, an astounding creation by Google offers a plethora of competence that can further be customized to offer a unique user experience. The usability of the Google Home is limitless; one can employ the stunning gadget to pain-free manage the daily tasks, play news, and respond to the queries after searching for them in Google.

  • imgCustom Google Action Development
  • imgAction on Google (AoG) Integration
  • imgGoogle Action Testing
  • imgEnd-to-End Voice UX Design
  • imgMaintenance & Support
  • imgStrategic Consultation

Alexa Skill Development

Amazon is the brain behind the naturally-conversational voice assistant Alexa and other millions of devices counting the Echo family, FireTV, Fire Tablet, and other third-party devices with Alexa built-in. The smart assistant makes everyday tasks swifter, easier, and more delightful for the users.

  • imgAlexa Skills Development
  • imgAlexa Skills Design
  • imgConnected Devices
  • imgAlexa Voice Search Integration
  • imgAlexa Skill Testing
  • imgSupport & Maintenance

Chatbot Development

Another artificial intelligence product defined as the most promising expression of simplified human-computer interaction, Chatbot is the new way of offering robust and continuous support to your customers.

  • imgConversation Design
  • imgNatural Language Processing
  • imgDeployment & Integration
  • imgChatbot Architecture
  • imgProcessing Pipeline
  • imgChatbot Consultancy

Tools we use

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Google Action

  • Google Home

  • MangoDB

  • NodeJS

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